Who we are

Marketing in professional services firms is MESSY.


Prudent Pedal is a marketing consultancy that helps professional services firms overcome the messiness and set smart growth strategies in motion.

We support frustrated firms who want to grow but don’t have the resources to deliver a strategic marketing approach that adds maximum ROI.

What makes pro services marketing “messy”?

  • Resources are allocated by partner power or line of business size, instead of strategic growth potential.
  • Marketing has limited or no strategic impact (i.e. it throws parties and writes brochures).
  • Firms take the path of least resistance and focus on “activities” that can be controlled by individual producers with bogey responsibilities. (.e.g. individual sales “coaches,” decentralized marketing budgets, one-off events and fads)
  • Branding is seen as a growth panacea.
  • Firms have cultures of “optionality.”
  • P&L ownership swings like a pendulum (geo to practice to industry to geo, ad infinitum)
  • Often, Marketing doesn’t understand business in general or the firm’s business specifically.
  • Firms spend money haphazardly on growing the business.
  • Expectations are too low and lead to under-hiring and utilization of marketing capability.
  • There is a complete disconnect from Sales and Marketing. An unhealthy confrontation at worst or tension, at best, exists because neither appreciates the value of the other.
  • Firms jump from marketing fad to marketing fad.
  • No one measures marketing’s impact because they don’t know how, don’t want to make investments to do so or are afraid of shedding light on all that needs to be fixed.
  • The market opportunity, core capabilities and the brand’s relevance are fundamentally misaligned.
  • Technology, data and decisions are siloed.

Questions we help answer:

  • Are our marketing dollars generating the highest positive return?
  • Are we getting the maximum opportunities for our sales teams and generating opportunities aligned with the value we provide?
  • Who is our ideal client and what do they value?
  • What is our best growth opportunity?
  • Is our brand and organization aligned to attack the opportunity and our long-term growth?
  • Are our thought leadership and content differentiating our brand and driving new business?
  • What is the optimal marketing structure, technology, and marketing mix given our investment?

Issues we address:

  • Slow growth
  • Wasted marketing dollars
  • Inefficient resource allocation
  • Lack of metrics and accountability
  • Underperforming marketing organization
  • Lack of market understanding and focus
  • Underutilized sales and marketing platforms
  • Cultural misalignment and low brand relevance

What makes us different:

Our name is simple. Prudent speaks to our pragmatic and discerning approach. Pedal is a cycling analogy for creating an efficient, long-term growth cycle.

A good tactical plan is only as good as the strategy that led up to it. Check out how we help and how we think about marketing.