Who we are

Marketing in professional services firms is MESSY.


Prudent Pedal is a marketing consultancy that helps professional services firms, who are frustrated with marketing, drive smart growth by thinking and acting strategically about marketing.

Issues we address:

  • Slow growth
  • Wasted marketing dollars
  • Inefficient resource allocation
  • Lack of metrics and accountability
  • Underperforming marketing organization
  • Lack of market understanding and focus
  • Underutilized sales and marketing platforms
  • Cultural misalignment and low brand relevance

Questions we help answer:

  • Are our marketing dollars generating the highest positive return?
  • Are we getting the maximum opportunities for our sales teams and generating opportunities aligned with the value we provide?
  • Who is our ideal client and what do they value?
  • What is our best growth opportunity?
  • Is our brand and organization aligned to attack the opportunity and our long-term growth?
  • Are our thought leadership and content differentiating our brand and driving new business?
  • What is the optimal marketing structure, technology, and marketing mix given our investment?

What makes us different:

  • Our goal is to maximize the ROI of your marketing no matter what level of your investment.
  • Our approach is about agility, efficiency and effectiveness, not hype and fads.
  • We are not a marketing “agency,” we are industry-leading marketers and business developers from top global consulting firms.
  • We emphasize the integration of marketing, business development and account management.
  • We believe marketing’s number one goal is lead nurturing and generation.
  • We are prudent.

Our name is simple. Prudent speaks to our thoughtful and discerning approach. Pedal is a cycling analogy for creating an efficient, long-term growth cycle.